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Kats Tree Service is a Top Rated Tree Trimming and Tree Removal company in Eustis, FL. We are locally owned and operated with 15yrs experience in the Arboriculture Industry. Kats Tree Service is Fully Licensed & Insured, we provide Free Estimates, and have a great reputation for providing professional Tree Care at a reasonable price. Contact us today for any and all of your Tree Service needs. We are one of the few companies in the area that uphold the proper standards of Tree Care. We utilize PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) such as Hard Hats, Chainsaw Protection, and Eye Protection.

We take great pride in our work and aim for zero impact to the surrounding landscape. We will maintain control of the Tree through advanced rigging techniques and safety is always of the upmost importance the entire time.Kats Tree Service offers proper Tree Care, Tree Planting, Diagnosis & Treatment, Tree Trimming, Tree Removal, Emergency Storm Damage Response, Land Clearing, Debris Hauling, and Site Development.

Our Service areas include Paisley, Umatilla, Altoona, Eustis, Sorrento, Mt Plymouth, Mount Dora, Tavares, Apopka and the surrounding areas.

Tree Trimming Services in Mount Dora, FL by Kats Tree Service

 Tree Trimming in Eustis, FL. Without proper knowledge and training you can severely damage the health and well being of your trees. By making proper pruning cuts, only removing what is necessary, and not using climbing spikes I can assure you that your trees are safe with me. Let us bring out the beauty and character of your trees with our Tree Trimming Services!

Tree Removal Services in Tavares Florida

Tree Removal in Eustis, FL. This is one of the most dangerous and underestimated aspects of our industry. Unfortunately, this is where most injuries and mistakes occur. There’s no need to attempt this yourself as we are ready and able to serve you. No matter the size or location of the Tree Removal needed. We can properly dismantle it in a controlled manner and leave minimal impact to the surrounding area.

Land Clearing Service in Eustis, FL by Kats Tree Service

Land Clearing in Eustis, FL. Whether you’ve just purchased a property or yours has become overgrown we can help you by providing either our Land Clearing or Forestry Mulching Services. This is a great way for you to regain control over your property and allow you to enjoy it for years to come. We are eco friendly when providing these services and will be sure to do minimal impact to your surrounding landscape

What Sets Us Apart From Other Companies:

About Us

As the Owner/Operator I will be the one doing all of the climbing and cutting on your trees. I’m able to keep my company small and personally handle all aspects of my business. What this means for you is that  I will be your main point of contact. From the initial phone call until the job is completed. This leaves very little room for mis communication and allows me to up hold the standard I set for my company. Unlike many other Tree Companies in Mount Dora, FL I don’t sub contract or hire other tree climbers. I will be on site from start to finish and see to it that the job is completed to our standards.

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Based on 43 reviews.
Whitney Hobbie
July 7, 2022.
Kat’s did a fantastic job of trimming our huge rain tree. They were knowledgeable, and very professional. I will be hiring them again in the future. Thank you guys!
Carol Bigham
June 15, 2022.
Hard working and a great job done! Clean up was wonderful. Thank you!
Carol DeNaro
June 12, 2022.
Kat is knowledgeable and experienced. He is conservative in his approach to taking care of trees in all respects. His ground crew is attentive to detail in cleaning up all limbs and debris. I would not hesitate to recommend him.
Autumn Driggers
March 25, 2022.
I hired them to cut limbs off of some trees that were almost touching my roof and he did such a beautiful job, my yard looks so beautiful! Him and his partner did such a nice, neat job you can't even tell they were there. They came when they said they would and did the job to perfection. I highly recommend them and will be using them again! Nancy
Philip Glenn
January 14, 2022.
Kat is professional, honest, hard working and experienced. He did a great job lifting up our trees to help provide us a great view of the lake. We highly recommend his services!
Rita Flynn
November 15, 2021.
Kat’s Tree Service is the very best! We have used them for several years. They are prompt, professional and very knowledgeable. I highly recommend them.
Floyd Brassfield
November 15, 2021.
Excellent work. Would recommend this company for any tree services. Katlin was on time and left the area picked up and clean

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Are are interested in a free estimate or consultation on a future project? Contact us as soon as possible to schedule a Free Estimate on any and all of your Tree Care needs in Eustis, FL.


    Have a Question?

    Here is a list of the most Frequently Asked Questions we recieve along with our answers.

    Contracting a Tree Service to come out and perform basic tree trimming and maintenance pruning typically costs an average of $863. The price will vary greatly depending on the scope of work required, location of the trees, and the access available to process and remove the debris. Typically our Tree Services costs range from $400 to $1,200 on the low end with the high-end range at $2500. Again, this all varies with the scope of the project that we are contracted for.

    Tree Removal Service costs will vary between $350 to $7,500+ per tree. The typical tree removal project will involve Climbing the tree, dismantling it in a controlled manner, staging/stacking all of the debris throughout the process, once the tree is completely down it will be hauled away and a final clean up of the property will be provided. 

    The average cost of having a tree trimmed is $460. Generally, the price will range between $75 and $1,500. Topping a tree (a controversial practice, we should point out) should always be avoided as it causes unnecessary damage to the the health and structure of the Tree which will increase the chance for premature limb failure and property damage down the road. This practice allows for sporadic re growth of shoots which turn into limbs with limited structure at the branch collar unions. In order to avoid this we suggest crown reduction pruning in order to to reshape the tree in a way that will reduce risk to your property and allow you and your trees to live together in harmony . For a tree 30-60 feet, plan to spend $175-$400, and $200-$1,800 to trim a tree over 60 feet.

    A Guide to Selecting a Tree Cutting Service
    1. Contact multiple Tree Services in your area. Ask about their experience and how long they have been in business. A simple Google search should be able to validate their answers. The more experience that a tree removal company has, the more likely it is that they will know how to do the job the right way and see it through until completion. Keep in mind skilled labor isn’t cheap and cheap labor isn’t skilled. A “Cheap Tree Guy” can become very expensive in a hurry.
    2. Check their Qualifications. Are They Registered with the State? The International Society of Arboriculture, BBB, ect…
    3. Check the Reviews. As stated above a simple Google search will give you a lot of information on the companies you are in contact with. It will show you their reviews across all platforms and what other customers have had to say about them in the past.
    4. Ask About Insurance. Are they properly insured for the services they’re offering? Tree insurance is much different than most other General Liability policies in that you need to be covered to work at heights. Do they carry Workers Comp?
    5. The Services They Offer. An established Tree Service will stay busy year round simply Trimming & Removing Trees or Dealing with over grown vegetation. It’s always a red flag to me if they’re  advertising for other services as most of us can hardly keep up with the work load of Trees alone.

    Complexity. The process of climbing and working Trees is not only very labor intensive task, but it’s also one of the most dangerous trades out of any industry. Without the Proper Knowledge, Training, and Experience it can lead to costly Property Damage, Severe Personal Injury, or even Death. This is a job that most people don’t want to do as we are climbing anywhere from 10ft to 100ft, running chainsaws, cutting pieces of trees which weigh hundreds to thousands of pounds, then most of the time rigging and maintaining these pieces in order to avoid property or landscape damage. Trees being removed often need to be cut apart one section at a time to avoid dropping whole tree sections onto the property or into traffic. … Specialized equipment is needed, such as Personal Protective Equipment ie: Hard Hats, Chainsaw Protection, Eye Protection, Proffesional Climbing Gear, Specialty Ropes, Rigging Tools, Multiple Chainsaws, etc. This equipment is costly to acquire and maintain. Then you also have to take into account Payroll Costs, License & Insurance, Fuel, Dump Fees, among other miscellaneous costs.

    Yes! We are fully licensed & insured. Our state license number is L19000256299 you can click the link to confirm our license is active on sunbiz. We will also provide you with our proof of insurance upon request.

    Absolutley! We always aim for zero impact tree work. What this means is that we try and disrupt the surrounding landscape as little as possible when working on your trees. We very rarely use Heavy Equipment Ie: Bucket Trucks, Aerial Lifts, Etc. As a Climbing Arborist I’m able to climb and work 90% of the jobs I’m contracted to do without the use of heavy equipment. Furthermore, by utilizing proper rigging we can lower down the larger pieces in a controlled manner to avoid damage to the lawn and surrounding property.