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Kats Tree Service specializes in large technical Tree Removal here in Central Florida. No matter the size or location of the tree we are confident that we can properly dismantle and remove the tree with as little impact to the surrounding property as possible. Having 15 yrs experience as a tree climber gives me the ability to tackle the jobs where access for heavy equipment isn’t readily available. We have completed many jobs where our customers thought it just wasn’t possible.

Tree Removal

Why It's Best Left To The Professionals

Tree Removal is the one aspect of our industry that poses the greatest risk for injury as well as property damage. Without proper knowledge and training trees can be very unpredictable. Understanding how to properly dismantle a tree, what tools and methods are needed, as well as knowing how the tree is going to react as you’re cutting is skill that takes years to develop. We urge each of our potential customers to do your homework before hiring a tree service contractor. Price should not be your primary concern when getting estimates. A “cheap tree guy” can become expensive very quickly due to lack of knowledge and experience.

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Tree Removal Service in Sorrento,FL
The Cost OF

Tree Removal

Tree Removal costs can vary drastically because no 2 trees are the same. There are many different variables that go into the cost of a tree removal. Age, Size, Health, and the Location of the tree are always the first things I will look at. This allows me to get an understanding of what will be entailed in dismantling the tree and getting it on the ground.

At this time I’m also able to assess the risks involved. Are there any obstacles i.e.; power lines, utilities, fences, house etc? What kind of rigging will be involved? How much material is there? How far will we have to move it? What kind of terrain is involved? What equipment is needed to haul the material? These are just a handful of the things I take into consideration when looking at a project.

So as you can see, there are many dynamics that can affect the cost of your tree removal project. There are many things that need be taken into consideration on any given job. However, we have a great reputation for being affordably priced and provide exceptional service to our customers. If you’re in need of our Tree Removal service please don’t hesitate to reach out today.

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